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Foreign Subpoena Service in Maryland

Freestate Investigations, LLC offers an all-inclusive foreign subpoena service in Maryland. Our Maryland process servers will handle your case from start to finish. Out-of-state subpoenas have different rules for service and we are familiar with these rules ensuring a seamless process.

How Do We Serve Out-Of-State Subpoenas in Maryland?

Our team domesticates out-of-state papers quickly and efficiently. Our process is simple, use our online order form to upload your service documents, we’ll take care of the rest and provide you with the following:

  • We will review your paperwork for any common errors that can hinder or delay your case.
  • We will file your paperwork with the courts and pick it up.
  • We cover all court domestication fees.
  • Our process servers will issue and serve your documents quickly throughout Maryland.
  • Once the papers are served we will file the affidavit of service.
  • All copies are given to you in a timely manner.

Our team will always keep you updated on the progress of your case. All service attempts are time-stamped and logged with GPS coordinates for your peace of mind.

How Much Does It Cost To Serve An Interstate Subpoena In Maryland?

Our all-inclusive Maryland foreign subpoena service costs $379. This includes all the above services completed quickly by an experienced process server. Our team will save you time, money, and stress. Give us a call or use our order form to get your job started today!