What is service of process?

Service of process informs all parties in a legal action or lawsuit of the proceedings. This gives everyone the chance to respond to the legal action and have their time in court. Process service also provides solid evidence that the defendant or witness in a legal action has been given a chance to respond in court.

What background should Maryland/DC/Virginia investigators & process servers have?

Successful process servers and private investigators come from many backgrounds. Most Freestate Investigation investigators and servers have legal or law enforcement backgrounds, giving them an excellent grasp of the law and connections with current legal officials. Additionally, service of process to an evasive defendant can often be dangerous. In these cases, a police background helps our process servers serve documents legally and safely.

What should I expect with a process server?

If you need documents served, you should expect professionalism, reliability, and clear communication. The documents should be served to the right person and should be served within the specified timeline. You should also be able to get status updates easily. At Freestate Investigations, we work hard to ensure that you always get updates about your assignment. With very few non-serves and a high success rate, you can also count on us to serve your documents accurately.