Document Retrieval

Do you need to retrieve local, state, or federal documents for litigation or other cases? Are you spending too much valuable time looking for regulatory agency records, bankruptcy or tax records, or licenses? Freestate Investigations offers legal document research and retrieval services for individuals or law firms. Because we are familiar with the courts and often do online legal research, we provide fast, thorough, and organized solutions for our clients.

Save time and feel more confident finding rules and regulations outside of your jurisdiction. Freestate Investigations retrieves court documents including but not limited to:

  • Federal, state, and local laws and legislation
  • Regulatory agency rules and changes
  • Public records including DMV records, restraining orders, court orders, liens, proof of service, permit records, and more

Freestate Investigations will research information for you and our team is happy to travel to courts on your behalf to dig up records and documents. We can provide you with a hard copy as necessary.

Court Filing and Notary Services
Because our process servers are in and out of the courts, we are experienced with court filing including preparation review (to ensure the documents fill court requirements). Many firms take advantage of this service if they are filing from out of state or need to file a proof of service quickly. We also have an in-house notary for documents requiring notarization or an extra level of confidence.

Do You Need Document Retrieval?

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