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Our Comprehensive Legal Support Services

Welcome to Freestate Investigations LLC, where our commitment to excellence is reflected in the diverse range of legal support services we offer. Our experienced team of highly trained process servers and private investigators is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our clients. Explore our comprehensive services below:

Process Service

Freestate Investigations is your top choice for process service in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, with nationwide coverage. Our team excels in serving diverse legal documents, navigating both urban and rural landscapes, and using skip tracing to locate elusive defendants. Trusted for our expertise and professionalism, we ensure compliance with local and federal laws. Read More

Private Investigation Service

Freestate Investigations employs modern techniques for organized and confidential evidence gathering in legal, personal, or employment matters, serving Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Our investigations cover infidelity, workers' compensation claims, and skip tracing, offering tailored solutions for diverse situations. Contact us for a personalized consultation. Read More

Document Retrieval Service

Freestate Investigations streamlines legal document research and retrieval across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, offering efficient solutions for court documents, laws, regulations, and public records, utilizing online research and, if needed, traveling to courts, with additional court filing and notary services available. Read More

Asset Search Service

Freestate Investigations conducts discreet and customized asset investigations, providing legally valid evidence by thoroughly checking financial information, including bank accounts, stocks, real estate, and more, for individuals and businesses in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC. Read More

Foreign Subpoena Service

Freestate Investigations, LLC ensures a hassle-free out-of-state subpoena process in Maryland, offering expert handling from document submission to statewide service, all covered by a transparent $329 fee for a seamless and cost-effective legal support experience. Read More