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Unlock Clarity: Freestate Investigations, LLC’s Ultimate Terms of Service Breakdown

Visual representation of Freestate Investigations, LLC Terms of Service with a magnifying glass, documents, a digital tablet with a checklist, and a pen in shades of blue and grey.

Freestate Investigations, LLC services include various pricing tiers based on service urgency and specifics. We offer routine, rush, and specialized services, such as nationwide service and subpoena service for Maryland. Costs can range from $85 for routine service to $329 for specialized services. Fees are required upfront, with no refunds after attempts begin. Extra charges may apply for additional attempts or for cases exceeding 30 printed pages. For pricing, refer to our pricing page.

  1. Upfront Payment: All jobs must be paid for in advance. 

  2. Attempt Fees: The fee structure may include charges per attempt or a flat rate covering a specific number of attempts. Additional attempts beyond the initially agreed-upon number will incur additional charges.

  3. Mileage and Travel Expenses: Freestate Investigations, LLC may charge for mileage or travel expenses, especially if the service address is outside a standard service area or requires significant travel.

  4. Rush and Special Services: For services needed on an urgent basis or at specific times (e.g., same-day service, service on a particular date or time), higher fees are often charged.

  5. Document Handling Fees: Charges may apply for handling and processing more than a certain number of pages of documentation, with fees per page for each page over the limit.

  6. Cancellation Fees: If we are contacted by email to info@freestateinvestigations.com prior to any attempts for service being made, a cancellation and handling fee of $35.00 will apply. Once an attempt is made there is NO REFUNDS!

  7. Additional Costs: There could be additional costs for services like stakeouts, specialized delivery methods, wait time (e.g., posting orders for evasive subjects), or extra legal requirements (e.g., notarization).

  8. Payment Methods and Terms: Any type of request for services rendered and received by Freestate Investigations, LLC constitutes an acceptance of our billing terms and charges, including, but not limited to a $10 per month late fee, if you fail to pay within 30 days from the date of invoice, plus reasonable court costs and attorney’s fees to collect the balance due.

  9. Refunds and Disputes: Fees are non-refundable once service attempts have started, even if the service is not completed. Disputes will be addressed on a case-by-case basis, considering the specifics of the service requested and the nature of the issue.

  10. Service Guarantees: There is NO guarantee of successful service of process due to factors beyond our control including but not limited to: such as the unavailability or evasion of the recipient. You are paying for our attempts and efforts to serve, not the successful service itself; therefore, our fee, as agreed upon prior to the commencement of services, is due and non-refundable regardless of the outcome of our service attempts.

  11. Liability Limitation: Our responsibility is limited to making diligent efforts to serve process as per the services paid for. We are not liable for the consequences of non-service or any subsequent legal issues that may arise. 

When choosing a process serving service, it’s essential to review these billing terms closely to understand all potential charges and conditions. This review ensures transparency and helps avoid unexpected expenses.