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The Best Process Service Near Me in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC & Nationwide

Freestate Investigations specializes in providing process service near me(YOU!)  for every city in Maryland and Virginia, including Washington, DC even Nationwide. Our statewide coverage includes service for each court and jurisdiction. We even have a network of Process Servers throughout the United States that allows us to handle all your service of process needs.  Process servers play an important role in the justice system and we handle our role with utmost professionalism and dedication.

Process service must be carried out in adherence to all local and federal laws. Our team is well versed in the laws and strictly follow them while in the field. Our Maryland process servers are just as familiar with the city landscape of Baltimore as we are the back roads of rural areas, ensuring quick and quality service, no matter where that may be in the state.

Our process servers are able to take on difficult serves that other companies were unable to complete. We find evasive defendants in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC by performing a skip trace. We use modern databases and research to complete these skips in order to locate hard-to-find individuals and properly serve them their legal paperwork.

Freestate Investigations is the number one choice for process serving in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We serve defendants all types of legal documents including subpoenas, foreign subpoenas, summons, notices, writs, and much more. Our team is experienced in working with many different industries and clients, providing each one with the results they deserve.