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College Park Process Servers

College Park is our mailing address. Please send all your information (legal documents and necessary details) to this location.

Process Serving in College Park, MD

Freestate Investigations is the best choice if you need to hire College Park process servers in Maryland.

Our main office is in College Park, so we are familiar with the local area and Maryland’s rules and regulations regarding civil process, which ensures quick and efficient process service every time.

What is Process Service?

Process service is the certified delivery of legal documents to notify the appropriate parties of their involvement in a legal proceeding. 

Here’s a breakdown of the critical aspects of process service:

  • Delivery of Legal Documents

The core function of process service is the delivery of court documents by the professional process servers to the designated recipient. 

These documents can include summons (initiating a lawsuit), complaints (detailing the allegations), subpoenas (compelling testimony or evidence), or other court orders.

  • Notification of Legal Action

The recipient knows the legal action taken against them by receiving these documents. This notification also allows them to respond to the allegations, appear in court, or seek legal counsel.

  • Establishing Jurisdiction

Successful service of process is crucial for a court to establish jurisdiction over the defendant (the party sued). Jurisdiction means the court can hear the case and make binding decisions. Unfortunately, the court may lack the power to proceed without proper service.

  • Different Service Methods

Depending on the circumstances, legal process servers can serve legal documents in various ways. The most common method is personal service, where the documents are delivered directly to the recipient. 

The servers may employ alternative methods when the recipient is elusive or difficult to locate. These processes are substituted services or publication services. 

  • Importance of Proper Service

Strict adherence to legal procedures is critical in process service. On the other hand, improper service can have significant consequences, potentially leading to the dismissal of cases or delays in the legal process. 

A documented chain of custody, verifying receipt of documents by the intended party, is also essential for court proceedings.

Why Work With Freestate Investigations?

Our College Park process servers have years of experience serving various clients, including law firms of all sizes, corporations, and private individuals. 

  • Handles Different Types of Legal Documents

We serve all legal documents throughout Maryland, such as subpoenas, writs, orders, summons, complaints, foreign subpoenas, and more.

  • Trained and Experienced Process Servers

Our team is also dedicated, trained, and professional. We go above and beyond to provide the best possible results for all your process-serving needs in College Park. 

  • Leverages Technology

Our automated services make it quick and easy for you. You can choose to receive real-time updates on the status of your service from our process servers in MD. Hence, with Freestate Investigations, you’ll always be informed of the progress of your case.

  • Wider Coverage

We service the following areas: Annapolis, Beltsville, College Park, Elkridge, Silver Spring, Rockville, Baltimore, Bethesda, Laurel, La Plata, St Mary’s County, Washington, Arlington, Gaithersburg, and Hyattsville.

  • Competitive Rates

We offer affordable services to our clients. 

Discover Unmatched Legal Support With Freestate Investigations

Do you need a reliable process serving in College Park? Freestate Investigations delivers results. Contact us today for a quote and experience the difference our process servers can provide